Date: October 30th, 2013
Cate: Biology, General science, Lab life, Neurobiology

Thanks GeneDig

I was curious about trinucleotide repeat disorders like Huntington’s disease and where the trinucleotide repeats occurred in the Huntingtin RNA, near beginning, middle, or end of the RNA?  I first tried looking up the huntingtin gene (HTT) in NCBI and then realized this was going to take a while—and wouldn’t be reasonable for the rest of the trinucleotide repeat disorders I was also curious about.  Then I realized that even the normal HTT gene should have a few trinucleotide repeats, so I looked up HTT using GeneDig and found the CAGCAGCAG repeats immediately.

I then repeated this for the other trinucleotide repeat disorders and even found whether the repeats were in the Untranslated Region of the RNA or not.  Sweet.  GeneDig.

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